『Milestones in Systematics』

David M. Williams and Peter L Forey (eds.)

(2004年5月12日刊行,CRC Press, Boca Raton, ISBN:041528032X

  • Peter Forey and David Williams: Introduction. v
  • M.P. Winsor: Setting Up Milestones: Sneath on Adanson and Mayr on Darwin. 1
  • J. Cain: Launching the Society of Systematic Zoology in 1947. 19
  • W. J. Bock: Explanations in Systematics. 49
  • O. Rieppel: What Happens When the Language of Science Threatens to Break Down in Systematics - A Popperian Perspective. 57
  • J. -W. Wägele: Hennig's 'Phylogenetic Systematics' Brought up to Date. 101
  • G. Nelson: Cladistics: Its Arrested Development. 127
  • P. L. Forey: Systematics and Paleontology. 149
  • A. W. F. Edwards: Parsimony and Computer. 181
  • D. M. Williams: Homologues and Homology, Phenetics and Cladistics: 150 Years of Progress. 191
  • C. J. Humphries: From Dispersal to Geographic Congruence: Comments on Cladistic Biogeography in the 20th Century. 225
  • P. W. H. Holland: The Fall and Rise of Evolutionary Developmental Biology. 261
  • Index 277
  • Series List 287