『The Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics』

Andrew Hamilton (ed.)

(2013年12月刊行予定,University of California Press[Series: Species and Systematics], Berkeley, ISBN:9780520276581 [hbk] → 版元ページ)

2012年はじめに『Patterns in Nature: Historical and Conceptual Foundations of Phylogenetic Systematics』というタイトルで刊行予告されていた論文集.予想通り,この叢書からやっと出ることになったか.

List of Contributors

Andrew Hamilton - Introduction

Part One. Historical Foundations

1. Robert E. Kohler - Reflections on the History of Systematics
2. Michael Schmitt - Willi Hennig’s Part in the History of Systematics
3. Manfred D. Laubichler - Homology as a Bridge between Evolutionary Morphology, Developmental Evolution, and Phylogenetic Systematics

Part Two. Conceptual Foundations

4. Andrew Hamilton - Historical and Conceptual Perspectives on Modern Systematics: Groups, Ranks, and the Phylogenetic Turn
5. Olivier Rieppel - The Early Cladogenesis of Cladistics
6. Gareth Nelson - Cladistics at an Earlier Time
7. David M. Williams and Malte C. Ebach - Patterson’s Curse, Molecular Homology, and the Data Matrix
8. Brent D. Mishler - History and Theory in the Development of Phylogenetics in Botany: Toward the Future

Part Three. Technology, Concepts, and Practice

9. Beckett Sterner - Well-Structured Biology: Numerical Taxonomy’s Epistemic Vision for Systematics
10. Norman MacLeod - A Comparison of Alternative Form-Characterization: Approaches to the Automated Identification of Biological Species
11. Quentin Wheeler and Andrew Hamilton - The New Systematics, the New Taxonomy, and the Future of Biodiversity Studies