『Plants, Man and Life』

Edgar Anderson
(1952年刊行, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, x+245 pp.)

アメリカ Maine 州 Rockland の古書店 Dooryard Books から着便.同州 Owl's Head Library からの除籍本(「581-An2」).植物学者 Edgar Anderson の一般読者向け植物本.アボカドの話の章では架空植物の例を挙げて,多変量データの “可視化” の方法が論じられている.

Illustrations ix
I. Man and His Transported Landscapes 3
II. The History of Weeds ― A Detective Story 16
III. The Greater Paradox 31
IV. The Clue from the Root Tips 49
V. The Clue from Diversity, or Science and the Bureaucrats 75
VI. How to Measure an Avocado 89
VII. Budgets vs. Scholarship 107
VIII. Uneconomic Botany 124
IX. Dump Hieps and the Origin of Agriculture 136
X. A Roster of Our Most Important Crop Plants and Their Probable Origins 152
XI. Sunflowers ― The One Native American Crop 186
XII. Adventures in Chaos 207

Suggested Reading 232
Index 237