『Systematics and the Origin of Species from the Viewpoint of a Zoologist』

Ernst Mayr
(1942年刊行[1949年第4刷], Columbia University Press[Columbia Biological Series: 13], xiv+334 pp. → Internet Archive

イギリスの植物分類学者ブライアン・ローレンス・バート(Brian Laurence Burtt: 1913-2008)の旧蔵書.表紙裏に蔵書票と署名が入っている.

Introductiuon [Theodosius Dobzhansky] vii

I. The Methods and Principles of Systematics 3
II. Taxonomic Characters and Their Variation 18
III. Phenomena of Geographic Variation 33
IV. Some Aspects of Geographic Variation 71
V. The Systematic Categories and the New Species Concept 102
VI. The Polytypic Species, in Nature and in Systematics 123
VII. The Species in Evolution 147
VIII. Nongeographic Speciation 216
IX. The Biology of Speciation 216
X. The Higher Categories and Evolution 275

Literature 299
Index 315