『Species Concepts in Biology: Historical Development, Theoretical Foundations and Practical Relevance』

Frank E. Zachos
(2016年刊行, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, xii+220 pp., ISBN:9783319449647 [hbk] → 版元ページ

Preface vii
1. Introduction to the Species Problem 1
2. A Brief History of Species Concepts and the Species Problem 17
3. The Metaphysics, or Ontology, of Species: Classes, Natural Kinds or Individuals? 45
4. An Annotated List of Species Concepts 77
5. Species Concepts and Beyond: Selected Topics Relating to the Species Problem 97
6. Species Delimitation: Discrete Names in a Continuous World with Fuzzy Boundaries 143
7. The Practical Relevance of Species Concepts and the Species Problem 163
8. A Brief Summary of the Book 175
Glossary 181
References 191
Index 215