『Biological Individuality: Integrating Scientific, Philosophical, and Historical Perspectives』

Scott Lidgard and Lynn K. Nyhart (eds.)
(2017年5月刊行, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, iv+361 pp., ISBN:9780226446455 [pbk] → 版元ページ

「生き物の個体性(biological individuality)」とは何かを生物学・生物学哲学・生物学史の観点から考察した論文集.個体性みたいな “存在論” に関わる概念的議論がこんがらがることは昔も今もぜんぜん変わっていないのかもしれない.もう20年も前に読んだ同一書名の本:Jack Wilson『Biological Individuality: The Identity and Persistence of Living Entities』(1999年刊行,Cambridge University Press[Series: Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology], Cambridge, xii+137pp. ISBN:0521624258 [hbk] → 書評目次)では,さまざまな生き物の “ありかた” をまず知ることが個体性に関する哲学的な議論を進める上での前提だと指摘されていた.その問題意識は本論文集にも継承されているようだ.

Introduction: Working Together on Individuality [Lynn K. Nyhart and Scott Lidgard] 1
l. The Work of Biological Individuality: Concepts and Contexts [Scott Lidgard and Lynn K. Nyhart] 17
2. Cells, Colonies, and Clones: Individuality in the Volvocine Algae [Matthew D. Herron] 63
3. Individuality and the Control of Life Cycles [Beckett Sterner] 84
4. Discovering the Ties That Bind: Cell-Cell Communication and the Development of Cell Sociology [Andrew S. Reynolds] 109
5. Alternation of Generations and Individuality, 1851 [Lynn K. Nyhart and Scott Lidgard] 129
6. Spencer’s Evolutionary Entanglement: From Liminal Individuals to Implicit Collectivities [Snait Gissis] 158
7. Biological Individuality and Enkapsis: From Martin Heidenhain’s Synthesiology to the Völkisch National Community [Olivier Rieppel] 184
8. Parasitology, Zoology, and Society in France, ca. 1880–1920 [Michael A. Osborne] 206
9. Metabolism, Autonomy, and Individuality [Hannah Landecker] 225
10. Bodily Parts in the Structure-Function Dialectic [Ingo Brigandt] 249

Commentaries: Historical, Biological, and Philosophical Perspectives 275

11. Distrust That Particular Intuition: Resilient Essentialisms and Empirical Challenges in the History of Biological Individuality [James Elwick] 277
12. Biological Individuality: A Relational Reading [Scott F. Gilbert] 297
13. Philosophical Dimensions of Individuality [Alan C. Love and Ingo Brigandt] 318


Acknowledgments 349
List of Contributors 351
Index 353