『Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics: Papers from 1923 to 1938』目次

Alfred Tarski[Translated by Joseph H. Woodger]
(1956年刊行, Oxford at the Clarendon Press, xiv+471 pp.)

たまに本の街をゆるゆる歩くのは精神衛生上とてもよろしい.先日の神保町での収穫は新刊が中心だったが,実は崇文荘書店で出会った論理学者アルフレト・タルスキの論文集が本日最大の収穫だった.盟友ジョゼフ・ヘンリー・ウッジャーの訳.前所有者「Dr. E. Gehr」は巻末見返しにわざわざ Alfred North Whitehead & Bertrand Russell 『Principia Mathematica』と Jan Łukasiewicz の論理式表現の違いを対照表としてまとめてくれている.ポーランド学派,コワすぎる.

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I. On the Primitive Term of Logistic 1
II. Foundations of the Geometry of Solids 24
III. On Some Fundamental Concepts of Metamathematics 30
IV. Investigations into the Sentential Calculus [with Jan Łukasiewicz] 38
V. Fundamental Concepts of the Methodology of the Deductive Sciences 60
VI. On Definable Sets of Real Numbers 110
VII. Logical Operations and Projective Sets [with Casimir Kuratowski] 143
VIII. The Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages 152
IX. Some Observations on the Concepts of ω-Consistency and ω-Completeness 279
X. Some Methodological Investigation on the Definability of Concepts 296
XI. On the Foundations of Boolean Algebra 320
XII. Foundations of the Calculus of Systems 342
XXIII. On the Limitations of the Means of Expression of Deductive Theories [with Adolf Lindenbaum] 384
XIV. On Extensions of Incomplete Systems of the Sentential Calculus 393
XV. The Establishment of Scientific Semantics 401
XVI. On the Concept of Logical Consequence 409
XVII. Sentential Calculus and Topology 421


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