『Species Problems and Beyond: Contemporary Issues in Philosophy and Practice』目次

John S. Wilkins, Frank E. Zachos, and Igor Ya. Pavlinov (eds.)
(2022年6月刊行,CRC Press[Series: Species and Systematics], Boca Raton, xviii+364 pp., ISBN:978-0-3674-2537-1 [hbk] / ISBN:978-1-0322-2147-2 [pbk] → 版元ページ


Acknowledgement vii
Editors' Biographies ix
List of Contributors xi


Introduction [John S. Wilkins, Frank E. Zachos, and Igor Ya. Pavlinov] xiii

Section 1. Concepts and Theories

Chapter 1. We Are Nearly Ready to Begin the Species Problem [Matthew J. Barker] 3
Chapter 2. Is the Species Problem That Important? [Yuichi Amitani] 39
Chapter 3. ‘Species’ as a technical term: Multiple meanings in practice, one idea in theory [Thomas A. C. Reydon] 65
Chapter 4. What Should Species Be? Taxonomic Inflation and the Ethics of Splitting and Lumping [Jay Odenbaugh] 91
Chapter 5. The Good Species [John S. Wilkins] 105

Section 2. Practice and Methods

Chapter 6. Species in the Time of Big Data: The Multi-species Coalescent, the General Lineage Concept, and Species Delimitation [Aleta Quinn] 127
Chapter 7. Species delimitation using molecular data [Megan L. Smith, Bryan C. Carstens] 145
Chapter 8. Taxonomic order, disorder and governance [Stijn Conix, Stephen T. Garnett, Frank E. Zachos, Les Christidis] 161

Section 3. Ranks and Trees and Names

Chapter 9. Ecology, evolution, and systematics in a post-species world [Brent D. Mishler] 177
Chapter 10. The species before and after Linnaeus – tension between disciplinary nomadism and conservative nomenclature [Alessandro Minelli] 191
Chapter 11. Taxonomic hierarchies as a tool for coping with the complexity of biodiversity [Julia D. Sigwart  ] 227

Section 4. Metaphysics and Epistemologies

Chapter 12. The species problem from a conceptualist’s viewpoint [Igor Ya. Pavlinov] 245
Chapter 13. (Some) Species are Processes [John Dupré] 279
Chapter 14. Metaphysical presuppositions about species stability: problematic and unavoidable [Catherine Kendig] 293
Chapter 15. Critique of taxonomic reason(ing): nature’s joints in light of an ‘Honest’ Species Concept and Kurt Hübner’s historistic philosophy of science [Frank E. Zachos] 315


Chapter 16. Continuing After Species: An Afterword [Robert A. Wilson] 343


Index 355