『The Early Iconography of the Tree of Jesse』

Arthur Watson

(1934年刊行, Oxford University Press, London, xiv + 197 pp. + 40 plates)

Cover plate: The Virgin (Santiago de Compostela, España)

Preface vii
Chapter I: The Virga in Literature 1
Chapter II: Drama and the Tree of Jesse 9
Chapter III: Genealogical Forms 37
Chapter IV: Certain Aspects of Representations of Jesse, the Tree, and the Prophets 47
Chapter V: Pararells in Oriental Art 58
Chapter VI: References in Literature to Relevant Imagery 67
Chapter VII: Sugar and the First Tree of Jesse 77
Chapter VIII: Early Representations of the Tree of Jesse 83
Chapter IX: Conclusion 142

  I. Prophet-Personnel in Drama and in Trees of Jesse 147
  II. Quotations of prophecies in Drama and in Trees of Jesse 150
  III. Trees of Jesse Earlier, or Probably Earlier, than the Saint-Denis Window 162

  1. Non-Vulgate Texts 163
  2. Arbor Iuris or Arbor Consanguinitatis 164
  3. Trees of Salvation 165
  4. Corrosion of Stained Glass Windows 165
  5. Authorship of the Saint-Denis Tree of Jesse 166
  6. Representations of the Spiritus 167
  7. Representations of the Sibyls 169
  8. Kings with Instruments of Music 170
  9. Virga, Virgo 171
  10. The Chronica attributed to Ekkehard 171

List of Books 172
Index 181

Plates I - XL