『Estimating Species Trees: Practical and Theoretical Aspects』

L. Lacey Knowles and Laura S. Kubatko (Eds.)

(2010年9月刊行,Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, xii+215 pp., ISBN:9780470526859 [hbk] → 版元ページ

Gene-tree から species-tree を推論するための理論と方法論そしてアルゴリズムに関する論文集.内容的には,10年ほど前に出た:Roderic D. M. Page (ed.) 『Tangled Trees: Phylogeny, Cospeciation, and Coevolution』(2003年刊行,The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, x+350 pp., ISBN:0226644669 [hbk])の“続編”のように見える.複数のパーツ系統樹を束ねて一本の高次系統樹を推定するという問題は,初期の組合せ論的定式化から,しだいに統計学モデリングへと移行しつつあるらしい.

Preface ix
Contributors xi

Chapter 1 Estimating Species Trees: An Introduction to Concepts and Models (L. Lacey Knowles and Laura S. Kubatko) 1
Chapter 2 Bayesian Estimation of Species Trees: A Practical Guide to Optimal Sampling and Analysis (Santiago Castillo-Ramírez, Liang Liu, Dennis Pearl and Scott V. Edwards) 15
Chapter 3 Reconstructing Concordance Trees and Testing the Coalescent Model from Genome-Wide Data Sets (Cécile Ané) 35
Chapter 4 Probabilities of Gene Tree Topoligies with Intraspecific Sampling Given a Species Tree (James H. Degnan) 53
Chapter 5 Inference of Parsimonious Species Tree from Multilocus Data by Minimizing Deep Coalescences (Cuong Than and Luay Nakhleh) 79
Chapter 6 Accommodating Hybridization in a Multilocus Phylogenetic Framework (Laura S. Kubatko and Chen Meng) 99
Chapter 7 The Influence of Hybrid Zones on Species Tree Inference in Manakins (Robb T. Brumfi eld and Matthew D. Carling) 115
Chapter 8 Summarizing Gene Tree Incongruence at Multiple Phylogenetic Depths (Karen A. Cranston) 129
Chapter 9 Species Tree Estimation for Complex Divergence Histories: A Case Study in Neodiprion Sawflies (Catherine R. Linnen) 145
Chapter 10 Sampling Strategies for Species Tree Estimation (L. Lacey Knowles) 163
Chapter 11 Developing Nuclear Sequences for Species Tree Estimation in Nonmodel Organisms: Insights from a Case Study of Bottae's Pocket Gopher, Thomomys Bottae (Natalia M. Belfiore) 175
Chapter 12 Estimating Species Relationships and Taxon Distinctiveness in Sistrurus Rattlesnakes Using Multilocus Data (Laura S. Kubatko and H. Lisle Gibbs) 193

Index 209