『Biological Systematics: Principles and Applications, Second Edition』

Randall T. Schuh and Andrew V. Z. Brower

(2009年刊行,Cornell University Press[A Comstock Book ], Ithaca, xiv+311 pp.,US$59.95,ISBN:9780801447990 [hbk] → 版元ページ

Preface to the First Edition vii
Preface to the Second Edition ix
Acknowledgments to the First Edition xi
Acknowledgments to the Second Edition xiii

Section I: Background for the Study of Systematics

 Chapter 1: Introduction to systematics 3
 Chapter 2: Systematics and the Philosophy of Science 31

Section II: Cladistic Methods

 Chapter 3: Characters and Character States 51
 Chapter 4: Character Polarity and Inferring Homology 85
 Chapter 5: Tree-Building Algorithms 109
 Chapter 6: Evaluating Results 146

Section III: Application of Cladistic Results

 Chapter 7: Nomenclature, Classifications, and Systematic Databases 173
 Chapter 8: Historical Biogeography and Host-Parasite Coevolution 209
 Chapter 9: Ecology, Adaptation, and Evolutionary Scenarios 230
 Chapter 10: Biodiversity and Conservation 243

Appendix: Selecting and Acquiring Software 253
Glossary 257
Literature Cited 271
Author Index 297
Subject Index 301