『Darwin's Pictures: Views of Evolutionary Theory, 1837-1874』

Julia Voss[Lori Lantz訳]

(2010年刊行,Yale University Press, New Haven, x+340 pp.+ 16 color plates, ISBN:9780300141740 [hbk] → 版元ページ情報


Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

1. The Galápagos Finches: John Gould, Darwin's Invisible Craftsman, and the Visual Discipline of Ornithology 14

Zoological collections and pictures in London 22
Gould's classification skills and invisible craftsmanship 33
Darwin's conversion 45
The Galápagos Finches become icons 50

2. Darwin's Diagrams: Images of the Discovery of Disorder 61

The struggle between images and language to represent the natural system 64
Embryological diagrams 89
Paleontological diagrams 102
Darwin's 1859 diagram in The Origin of Species 111

3. The Picture Series: On the Evolution of Imperfection 127

The prehistory of the picture series 135
Gould's hummingbirds 150
Argyll's argus pheasant 160
The aesthetics of chance 174

4. The Laughing Monkey: The Human Animal 181

The physiognomic tradition 187
People in photographs 195
Animals in drawings 212
Darwin's gorilla 226

Conclusion 249

Notes 259
Bibliography 299
Index 331