『Natural Kinds and Classification in Scientific Practice』

Catherine Kendig (ed.)

(2016年刊行,Routledge[Series: History and Philosophy of Biology], London, xx+247 pp., ISBN:9781848935402 [hbk] → 版元ページ

現代科学における自然種(natural kinds)と分類の効用.個別科学分野について具体的な事例が論じられているようだ.

Preface (John Dupré) ix
Acknowledgements xiii
Notes on Contributors xv
Notes on the Editor xix

Editor’s Introduction: Activities of Kinding in Scientific Practice (Catherine Kendig) 1

PART I: Explaining Practices 15

1. Explanatory Strategies in Linguistic Practice (Bernhard Nickel) 17
2. The Rising of Chemical Natural Kinds through Epistemic Iteration (Hasok Chang) 33
3. Neuroscientific kinds through the Lens of Scientific Practice (Jackie Sullivan) 47

PART II: Kinding and Classification 57

4. From a Zooming-in model to a Co-creation model: Towards a more Dynamic account of Classification and Kinds (Thomas A. C. Reydon) 59
5. Protein Tokens, Types, and Taxa (Joyce C. Havstad) 74
6. The Performative Construction of Natural Kinds: Mathematical Application as Practice (Jordi Cat) 87
7. Homologizing as Kinding (Catherine Kendig) 106

PART III: The Nature of Natural Kinds 127

8. Theorizing with a Purpose: The Many Kinds of Sex (Sally Haslanger) 129
9. Memory as a cognitive kind: Brains, remembering dyads, and Exograms (Samuli Pöyhönen) 145
10. Genuine Kinds and Scientific Reality (Quayshawn Spencer) 157

PART IV: Shaping Scientific Disciplines 173

11. A Tale of two dilemmas: Cognitive kinds and the Extended Mind (Michael Wheeler) 175
12. Mathematical kinds? A case study in Nineteenth Century Symbolic Algebra (Josipa Petrunic) 186
13. Mapping kinds in GIS and Cartography (Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther) 197

Bibliography 217
Index 241