『Numbers and Nerves: Information, Emotion, and Meaning in a World of Data』

Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic (eds.)

(2015年10月刊行, Oregon State University Press, Corvallis, xxiv+238 pp., ISBN:9780870717765 [pbk] → 版元ページ

Foreword ― Headbone and Hormones: Adventures in the Arithmetic of Life (Robert Michael Pyle) xiii
Acknowledgments xix
Credits xxi

Introduction: The Psychophysics of Brightness and the Value of a Life (Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic) 1

Part I: Social and Psychological Perspectives on Sensitivity and Meaning [With an introduction by Paul Slovic and Scott Slovic] 23

1. The More Who Die, the Less We Care: Psychic Numbering and Genocide (Paul Slovic and Daniel Västfjäll) 27
2. Pseudoinefficacy and the Arithmetic of Compassion (Daniel Västfjäll, Paul Slovic, and Marcus Mayorga) 42
3. The Prominence Effect: Confronting the Collapse of Humanitarian Values in Foreign Policy Decisions (Paul Slovic) 53
4. The Age of Numbing (Robert J. Lifton and Greg Mitchell) 62
5. Epidemic Disease as Structural Violence: An Excerpt from Never Again? Reflections on Human Values and Human Rights (Paul Farmer) 66

Part II: Narrative, Analytical, and Visual Strategies for Prompting Sensitivity and Meaning [With an introduction by Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic] 77

6. The Powers of One (Nicholas Kristof) 85
7. From One to Too Many (Kenneth Helphand) 89
8. The Wreck of Time (Annie Dillard) 107
9. Science, Eloquence, and the Asymmetry of Trust: What's at Stake in Climate Change Fiction (Scott Slovic) 115
10. Healing Rwanda (Terry Tempest Williams) 136
11. When Words Fail: Climatic Change Activists Have Chosen a Magic Number (Bill McKibben) 156
12. The Blood Root of Art (Rick Bass) 159

Part III: Interviews on the Communication of Numerical Information to the General Public [With an introduction by Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic] 165

13. Reacting to Information in a “Personal, Moral Way” [An Inreview with Homero and Betty Aridjis] 171
14. Countering the “Anesthesia of Destruction” [An Inreview with Vandana Shiva] 182
15. The Meaning of “One Data Point” [An Inreview with Sandra Steingraber] 192
16. Introspection, Social Transformation, and the Trans-Scalar Imaginary [An Inreview with Chris Jordan] 200

Part IV: Postscript (Scott Slovic and Paul Slovic) 217

Contributors 221
Index 227