『A Natural History of Wine』目次

Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle
(2015年11月刊行, Yale University Press, New Haven, xii+252 pp., ISBN:9780300211023 [hbk] → 版元ページ

姉妹本の新刊:Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall『A Natural History of Beer』(2019年2月刊行, Yale University Press, New Haven, xii+242 pp., ISBN:9780300233674 [hbk] → 目次版元ページ)が┣┣" 放牧場でくつろいでいるので,ついでにゲット.こちらはカラーイラストがふんだんに載ってるじゃないか.

Preface ix
1. Vinous Roots: Wine and People 1
2. Why We Drink Wine 23
3. Wine Is Stardust: Grapes and Chemistry 33
4. Grapes and Grapevines: An Issue of Identity 62
5. Yeatry Feasts: Wine and Microbes 91
6. Interactions: Ecology in the Vineyard and the Winery 101
7. The American Disease: The Bug That Almost Destroyed the Wine Industry 117
8. The Reign of Terroir: Wine and Place 132
9. Wine and the Senses 155
10. Voluntary Madness: The Physiological Effects of Wine 178
11. Brave New World: Wine and Technology 195
12. Franken-Vines and Climate Change 215


Annotated Bibliography 227
Index 239