『Everything Flows: Towards a Processual Philosophy of Biology』目次

Daniel J. Nicholson and John Dupré (eds.)
(2018年6月刊行,Oxford University Press, Oxford, xvi+386 pp., ISBN:978-0-19-877963-6 [hbk] → 版元ページ[pdf: open access])

Acknowledgements vii
Contributors ix
Foreword — Johannes Jaeger xi

Part I: Introduction

1. A Manifesto for a Processual Philosophy of Biology — John Dupré & Daniel J. Nicholson 3

Part II: Metaphysics

2. Processes and Precipitates, Peter Simons 49
3. Dispositionalism: A Dynamic Theory of Causation — Rani Lill Anjum & Stephen Mumford 61
4. Biological Processes: Criteria of Identity and Persistence — James DiFrisco 76
5. Genidentity and Biological Processes — Thomas Pradeu 96
6. Ontological Tools for the Process Turn in Biology: Some Basic Notions of General Process Theory — Johanna Seibt 113

Part III: Organisms

7. Reconceptualizing the Organism: From Complex Machine to Flowing Stream — Daniel J. Nicholson 139
8. Objectcy and Agency: Towards a Methodological Vitalism — Denis Walsh 167
9. Symbiosis, Transient Biological Individuality, and Evolutionary Processes — Frédéric Bouchard 186
10. From Organizations of Processes to Organisms and Other Biological Individuals — Argyris Arnellos 199

Part IV: Development and Evolution

11. Developmental Systems Theory as a Process Theory — Paul Griffiths & Karola Stotz 225
12. Waddington's Processual Epigenetics and the Debate over Cryptic Variability — Flavia Fabris 246
13. Capturing Processes: The Interplay of Modelling Strategies and Conceptual Understanding in Developmental Biology — Laura Nuño de la Rosa 264
14. Intersecting Processes are Necessary Explanantia for Evolutionary Biology, but Challenge Retrodiction — Eric Bapteste & Gemma Anderson 283

Part IV: Implications and Applications

15. A Process Ontology for Macromolecular Biology — Stephan Guttinger 303
16. A Processual Perspective on Cancer — Marta Bertolaso & John Dupré 321
17. Measuring the World: Olfaction as a Process Model of Perception — Ann-Sophie Barwich 337
18. Persons as Biological Processes: A Bio-Processual Way Out of the Personal Identity Dilemma — Anne Sophie Meincke 357


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