『Biological Systematics: Principles and Applications, Third Edition』目次

Andrew V. Z. Brower and Randall T. Schuh
(2021年3月刊行,Cornell University Press[Comstock Publishing Associates], Ithaca, xx+436 pp.,US$61.95,ISBN:978-1-5017-5277-3 [hbk] → 版元ページ


Preface to the First Edition vii
Preface to the Second Edition ix
Preface to the Third Edition xi
Acknowledgments to the First Edition xv
Acknowledgments to the Second Edition xvii
Dedication and Acknowledgments to the Third Edition xix

Section I: Historical and Philosophical Background for Systematics

 Chapter 1: Introduction to systematics: First Principles and Practical Tools 3
 Chapter 2: Systematics and the Philosophy of Science 35

Section II: Cladistic Methods

 Chapter 3: Characters and Character States 69
 Chapter 4: Character Polarity and Inferring Homology 113
 Chapter 5: Tree-Building Algorithms and Philosophies 142
 Chapter 6: Evaluating Results 186

Section III: Application of Cladistic Results

 Chapter 7: Species: Concepts, Recognition, and Analytical Problems 219
 Chapter 8: Nomenclature, Classifications, and Systematic Databases 239
 Chapter 9: The Integration of Phylogenetics, Historical Biogeography, and Host-Parasite Coevolution 284
 Chapter 10: Evaluating Hypothetical Scenarios of Evolution, Ecology and Adaptation 309
 Chapter 11: Understanding Molecular Clocks and Time Trees 326
 Chapter 12: Biodiversity and Conservation 338
 Postscript: Parsimony and the Future of Systematics 354

Appendix 359
Glossary 361
Literature Cited 377
Author Index 419
Subject Index 425