『Species: The Evolution of the Idea, Second Edition』

John S. Wilkins
(2018年2月刊行, CRC Press[Series: Species and Systematics], Boca Raton, xxxviii+389 pp., ISBN:9781138055742 [hbk] → 版元ページ

着便.十年前の旧版:John S. Wilkins『Species: A History of the Idea』(2009年9月刊行,University of California Press[Series: Species and Systematics 1],Berkeley,xiv+306 pp.,ISBN:9780520260856 [hbk] → 目次版元ページ)と比較すると,種問題の現代的意義とその波及を論じた Section III が新規加筆されていることがわかる.なお,初版のコンパニオンブックだった:John S. Wilkins『Defining Species: A Sourcebook from Antiquity to Today』(2009年11月刊行,Peter Lang[Series: American University Studies; Series 5: Philosophy, vol. 203], New York, xiv+224 pp., ISBN:9781433102165 [hbk] → 目次版元ページ)はそのまま利用できるだろう.

List of Figures xiii
List of Tables xv
Series Preface xvii
Preface to the First Edition xix
Preface to the Second Edition xxiii
Acknowledgments xxv
Author xxvii
Prologue xxix

Section I: The Historical Development of “Species”

Chapter 1 — The Classical Era: Science by Division 3
Chapter 2 — The Medieval Bridge 33
Chapter 3 — Species and the Birth of Modern Science 47
Chapter 4 — The Nineteenth Century: A Period of Change 117
Chapter 5 — Darwin and the Darwinians 153
Chapter 6 — The Species Problem Arises 191
Chapter 7 — The Synthesis and Species 209

Section II: Modern Debates

Chapter 8 — Reproductive Isolation Concepts 229
Chapter 9 — Phylogenetic Species Concepts 241
Chapter 10 — Other Species Concepts 255
Chapter 11 — Historical Summary and Conclusions 269

Section III: Philosophical Discussions of the Species Concept

Chapter 12 — Philosophy and Species: Introduction 277
Chapter 13 — The Development of the Philosophy of Species 283
Chapter 14 — Species Realism 341

Appendix A: Post-Linnaean Ranks 365
Appendix B: A Summary List of Species Definitions 369

Index 381
Series List 389