『Bayesian Philosophy of Science: Variations on a Theme by the Reverend Thomas Bayes p(H|E)=p(H)・p(E|H)/p(E)』目次

Jan Sprenger and Stephan Hartmann
(2019年8月刊行,Oxford University Press, New York, xxx+383 pp., ISBN:978-0-19-967211-0 [hbk] → 版元ページ


1:Theme: Bayesian Philosophy of Science
2:Variation 1: Confirmation and Induction
3:Variation 2: The No Alternatives Argument
4:Variation 3: Scientific Realism and the No Miracles Argument
5:Variation 4: Learning Conditional Evidence
6:Variation 5: The Problem of Old Evidence
7:Variation 6: Causal Strength
8:Variation 7: Explanatory Power
9:Variation 8: Intertheoretic Reduction
10:Variation 9: Hypothesis Testing and Corroboration
11:Variation 10: Simplicity and Model Selection
12:Variation 11: Scientific Objectivity
13:Variation 12: Models, Idealizations and Objective Chance
Conclusion: The Theme Revisited