『Phylogenetic Methods and the Prehistory of Languages』

Peter Forster and Colin Renfrew (eds.)

(2006年刊行,The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research[McDonald Institute Monographs], London, x+198 pp., ISBN:1902937333

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Introduction. (Colin Renfrew and Peter Forster) 1

Part I: Classification

Chapter 1: Malagasy Language as a Guide to Understanding Malagasy History. (Robert E. Dewar) 11
Chapter 2: Rapid Radiation, Borrowing and Dialect Continua in the Bantu Languages. (Clare J. Holden and Russell D. Gray) 19
Chapter 3: Multilateral Comparison and Significance Testing of the Indo-Uralic Question. (Brett Kessler and Annukka Lehtonen) 33
Chapter 4: Bantu Classification, Bantu Trees and Phylogenetic Methods. (Lutz Marten) 43
Chapter 5: Quasi-cognates and Lexical Type Shifts: Rigorous Distance Measures for Long-range Comparison. (Johanna Nichols) 57
Chapter 6: Phylogenetic Analysis of Written Traditions. (Matthew Spencer, Heather F. Windram, Adrian C. Barbrook, Elizabeth A. Davidson and Christopher J. Howe) 67
Chapter 7: A Stochastic Model of Language Evolution that Incorporates Homoplasy and Borrowing. (Tandy Warnow, Steven N. Evans, Donald Ringe and Luay Nakhleh) 75

Part II: Chronology

Chapter 8: How Old is the Indo-European Language Family? Illumination or More Moths to the Flame? (Quentin D. Atkinson and Russell D. Gray) 91
Chapter 9: Radiation and Network Breaking in Polynesian Linguistics. (David Bryant) 111
Chapter 10: Inference of Divergence Times as a Statistical Inverse Problem. (Steven N. Evans, Donald Ringe and Tandy Warnow) 119
Chapter 11: Evolution of English Basic Vocabulary within the Network of Germanic Languages. (Peter Forster, Tobias Polzin and Arne Röhl) 131
Chapter 12: Convergence in the Formation of Indo-European Subgroups: Phylogeny and Chronology. (Andrew Garrett) 139
Chapter 13: Why Lingustics Don't Do Dates: Evidence from Indo-European and Australian Languages. (April McMahon and Robert McMahon) 153
Chapter 14: Quantifying Uncertainty in a Stochastic Model of Vocabulary Evolution. (Geoff K. Nicholls and Russell D. Gray) 161
Chapter 15: Estimating Rates of Lexical Replacement on Phylogenetic Trees of Languages. (Mark Pagel and Andrew Maede) 173
Chapter 16: Interdisciplinary Indiscipline? Can Phylogenetic Methods Meaningfully be Applied to Language Data − and to Dating Language? (Paul Heggarty) 183

Glossary 195